Hangzhou normal university new campus central square.

As the landmark building of the former campus of hangzhou normal university, the overall overlapping of the central area in the book shape reflects the historical inheritance and cultural continuity of the "centennial normal university". Against the blue sky, the buildings are naturally stacked like new books, and the geometric changes of the facade are natural, and the overall structure of the building is completely different, which makes the whole facade extra vivid and beautiful. The new campus is composed of a dozen independent but fully open colleges, with different architectural styles forming a rich Mosaic. In the center of the college, the planner to arrange a service the school all the institute's core complex, including administrative center, archives, library, teachers and students activity center, hotels and reception center, seven functions such as international conference center.

The building is based on a strict system of module, used to control the complex function synthesis of all plane, elevation and details, so we can ensure that with the economic and reasonable costs, achieve a high finish quality construction, and for the future operation and maintenance can reduce the burden.