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The leadership of the China space technology research institute is here.

On the afternoon of November 1, 2017, wang xiaojun, director of the space productivity promotion center of China space technology research institute, wang xiaojun, deputy director of lanzhou institute of space technology and physics (510 institute of China space technology research institute), wang yiming, director of the bureau of information administration of haining city, and wang yun, deputy director of haining municipal bureau of information technology, and other leaders and experts visited dingsheng science and technology to visit and guide work, and the chairman of the group, gao erming, general manager of ding sheng technology, and director of the r&d department of ding sheng, wang xin, warmly received and accompanied the visit.

During a visit to ding litres of science and technology exhibition hall, ding, general manager of science and technology promotion to visit ding litres of science and technology was introduced and demonstrated with the leaders of the tripod litres of independent research and development of science and technology of the intelligent dimming glass, insulating glass, electrically induced color glass and nano self-cleaning glass, etc. The leaders and experts listened carefully to the exchange, gave high praise to ding sheng technology, and fully affirmed the technology research and development capability of ding sheng technology.

During the visit to the glass workshop, the chairman of the group, gorming, introduced the company's engineering glass products to leaders and experts. Leaders and experts carefully listened to the report, detailed inquiries about my company's product sales, production situation and process details of glass processing, group chairman Gao Erming all the answers. During the visit, the visiting leaders praised the orderly production and discipline of our glass workshop.

After the symposium, the group chairman Gao Erming to participating leaders and experts introduced the production and operation of the company as a whole, product structure, market situation and development planning, etc., and focus on the company in the field of intelligent household, wisdom, glass and so on team building, research and development ability and market development. Haining via letter bureau deputy director wang yun in his speech expressed hope ding litres of science and technology cooperation with China academy of space technology to carry out the idea, hope that the two sides can form a close partnership in the field of green building, in-depth cooperation, give play to their respective advantages, realize the win-win cooperation, jointly contribute to the green building industry development in our country.

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