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Ding sheng technology with TYRe smart display cabinet for the 4th world Internet conference.

The fourth world Internet conference was held in wuzhen, zhejiang province on December 3 and 5. After three years of accumulation, the "wuzhen summit" has become a global Internet event and an important window for dialogue between China and the world. This conference will be to "the development of digital economy promote open sharing, hand in hand to build network space fate community" as the theme, by the state Internet information office and the zhejiang province people's government hosted, and invited the United Nations economic and social affairs, the world intellectual property organization, the world economy BBS and other important international organizations as co-sponsors. This year, more than 400 domestic and foreign well-known Internet enterprises and entrepreneurship and innovation enterprises are exhibiting new technologies, new products and new applications. Ding sheng technology, as the representative enterprise of new materials industry, is invited to participate again. The exhibition of TRYe new intelligent shelves is currently the only domestic combination of virtual and reality of ark of goods sold, can become the lowest cost and highest efficiency entity sales + + Internet big data solution.

Ding litres of science and technology exhibition TRYe new intelligent shelves, using put precise location, via the Internet, the credit rating service for customers with different grades, has four characteristics: display virtual and reality; Achieve new retail + big data; Identification of credit rating; Free trial and promotion. At this year's Internet conference, the new smart display cabinet of dingsheng science and technology TRYe has attracted wide attention from all circles.






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