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Teacher Lin ganlin to award the technology award.

Last year in mid-september, ding up technology and group companies a total of more than 31 in the grassroots administrative personnel to ningbo wisdom enterprise management consulting co., LTD., to carry out the "enhancing special training class cadre management capability". At the end of the training, Lin Lin teacher left a job for you, let it be aimed at the problems existing in the company to write five elements and six goals, teacher Lin for your assignment to the selection, select the top five give prize award.

On January 9, Lin Lin teacher from ningbo to ding litres of science and technology awards, won the first place the teacher announced the Lin is Xu Sijia, won the second prize was davids factory, the top two prizes are air fryer. The third place was zhou ping, the fourth was CAI hongyu, and the fifth was zhang lingyan. The prizes were all pineapple cakes. In addition, after the training, recognized the hold to a month according to the requirement of the teacher Lin at half past seven in the morning in ding litres of science and technology the gate to welcome you all, good morning greetings, and thus obtain teacher Lin awarded the special award, the prize is one air fryer.

Now the good morning greetings every day is still in the tripod with two handles the raising technology continues, with each other every day to each in turn came to the company's colleagues, good morning greetings, convey a smile and positive energy to everyone, let everyone to relaxed and happy mood to start a day.






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