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The 2017 annual meeting of the women entrepreneurs association of haining high-tech zone was held in dingsheng technology.

On the afternoon of December 9, 2017, the annual meeting of the women entrepreneurs association of changan town (high-tech zone) in haining city was held in dingsheng technology. Before the meeting, female entrepreneurs visited the technology of ding sheng technology. General manager of the group ding yongmei, ding sheng technology general manager gao sheng accompanied by the tour.

During a visit to ding litres of science and technology exhibition hall, ding, general manager of science and technology promotion to visit ding litres of science and technology of female entrepreneurs to introduce and demonstrate the tripod litres of independent research and development of science and technology of the intelligent dimming glass, electrically induced color glass, insulated glass, nano self-cleaning glass and TRYe new intelligent cases and innovation achievements, to the guests.

At the meeting, ding yongmei, President of the women entrepreneurs association of high-tech zone, expressed thanks for the arrival of female entrepreneurs. She said: "the development of ding sheng technology is inseparable from the care and support of leaders at all levels, and it cannot be separated from the support of colleagues and friends from all walks of life. Ding sheng people must be grateful to do their work, live up to everyone's expectations.

 after reading and female entrepreneurs are always share the growth of the enterprise, business more than 20 years of hardship and harvest, group company of the industry layout, the thinking of enterprise innovation and development, positioning and corporate culture. His sincere and emotional narration aroused the audience's sympathy. Female entrepreneurs have given full recognition to our company from small to large, industrial level from low to high, development and core competitiveness. They said that ding litres, adhere to independent innovation of science and technology development of the concept of the typical demonstration significance, they will increase the tripod technology experience back, combines the actual conditions of their own enterprise development, strive to create new results.

At 6 p.m., the meeting successfully completed the agenda.

changan town (high-tech) was established in May 2017, women entrepreneurs association members come from different companies, offer the haining high-tech industry outstanding women in senior management personnel, excellent female business operators and outstanding business female leaders. In the election of the association, the first council of the women entrepreneurs association of high-tech zone was elected, in which ding yongmei, zhejiang dingsheng new material science and technology co., LTD was elected as the President of the association, and cao yafang of haining jia lian sofa co., ltd. was elected as the executive vice President, and lang xiaohong, zhejiang kofeng biotechnology co., LTD., zhou guoying, zhejiang heining yonggu co., LTD., and zhejiang hexin holding group co., LTD., were elected as vice President of the association.

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