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Our company employees actively participate in the love relay voluntary blood donation activities.

Service center for public service at the end of February, yuhang district in hand in a website Posting said yuhang district hao-yu hu hu jintao comrade ah fu grandson's first moral models of blood in the province of his lakeside hospital cure, because the disease is severe, be badly in need of component blood type. It is well known that human blood is composed of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Unlike whole blood donation, blood donation is the donors to donate blood at the same time, make the blood passes through the strict disinfection, one-time use of airtight pipeline, through collecting blood separator to separate out the need a certain ingredients, then other blood components back to lose to the donor. As a result, the ingredients used for blood donation are longer than the total blood donation, and it usually takes 40 to 60 minutes for each platelet.

Company Jin Yanping I know news, immediately forward post in the company of micro letter and called on everyone to donate a blood, one piece of love, to quickly get everybody's response, we have signed up for love relay blood donation activities. On the morning of March 5, our blood donation volunteers came to the blood center of zhejiang province to donate blood for the grandson of arhu. After the physical examination, some of the volunteers' physical quality did not meet the requirement of blood donation. Finally, only jin yanping, ma huihong, wang qiang and Yang bin reached the blood donation requirement, and donated blood for the grandchildren of arhu. The photos of the four employees who donated blood donated without compensation were sent to WeChat group, which caused a lot of discussion, and everyone started to treat their good people with thumb up.

Over the years, my company has been keen to charity, actively fulfill the social responsibility, the company all staff has been uphold the dedication of love, to give back to society, thought and, as it has become an important part of my company's corporate culture. Although years just to work task because nervous, many employees work overtime to rush task, but everyone still overcome difficulties to participate, warm blood transmission, with love for life, to love to share life touched, to fully demonstrate my company staff noble ideology and moral character.


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