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The women's federation of the company organized female employees "38 women's day" hot spring activities.

This year, my first year of work, I didn't expect the company to give me such a big surprise -- spa tourism, this is our company 38 women's day activities.

The company chartered a car for us, and I watched the passing scene in the car, thinking about the trip, and watching the car go to the destination with excitement. Finally, after more than two hours of Mercedes, we arrived at the hot spring resort in linan. Standing at the door, looking at the hotel surrounded by green mountains, I can't help feeling that the environment here is really good, a good place to relax and relax.

Due to earlier, tidy up the room is not completely, we'll get home in nearby farmhouse, where the food is some of the more homely farm-style, however, perhaps because there are quite a few dishes are they planted, because of the growth in the mountains, with a particularly delicious taste, everyone eat very satisfied, in walking on the way back to the hotel, feeling the around beautiful environment, it's really an enjoyment.

After returning to the hotel, everyone went to their respective rooms to tidy up their luggage, and then they were all eager to change into their swimsuits and set off for the hot spring. After entering, it is found that there are surrounded by mountains, green trees, clean air, clean and elegant environment, very beautiful, it makes people as if they are in the world. Besides, there are many kinds of hot springs: rose, milk, ginseng, scented, sulfur, lemon, angelica, etc., and water amusement park. Standing by the hot spring pool, the sun gently shone on the sparkling water, looking at the different colors of the pool, wondering which one to choose? After thinking we picked a temporarily no one else, you can let us enjoy the hot spring pools, alone here every hot springs is a small pavilion, surrounded by green trees surrounded, gave us very good enjoy private space, buried the body in the hot spring water, feel the appropriate temperature, smell the fragrance of ripples in the water, slowly relax the body, immerse yourself in the mountains surrounded by, looked at around the beautiful environment, hazy in the distance of castle peak, instantly think all fatigue swept away.

In time after the bubble hot spring, the whole people become lazy, we looked at the time, just is the time to drink afternoon tea, and walked at a leisurely pace, slowly walked to the restaurant, carefully looked at the waiter brought cookies, drank the delicious aroma of taro milk tea, after a good spa, replenish moisture and food feeling really let a person feel happy, coupled with the beautiful restaurant neat environment, beautiful natural scenery outside the window, gave us the enjoyment on the vision and taste very good.

When the whole person was relaxed, we went back to our room and rested on our comfortable, soft bed for a little while. Then, after a little walk in the hotel, it was time for dinner, and it was only then that there were quite a few people who came here for a holiday. In the cafeteria, I choose the food I like, enjoy it at the table, and chat with my colleagues about various topics. Everyone feels very happy. Rubbing his full belly to eat, we unanimously decided to go for a walk, walk outside in the road, I found that the street light is not as bright as we where here, only with a faint soft light, reflected the hazy around the scenery, walk in the quiet road, looking at the sky shining stars, looking at the distant mountains, could not help feeling again here beautiful environment.

The next day, after eating breakfast, you ride a bike, go to the nearby villages around the shopping, enjoy the different scenery, after the movement, and to soak in the hot springs bubble, eliminate the fatigue after the return of time also is coming, to sort out the things in the room, everyone went to the farm for lunch in the hotel, after the meal, we are on the way home.

The scenery in the car, looking at back, my heart sincerely thank the company organized the trip, we had a very happy 38 women's days, I want to have the chance later, I may also come here to travel.

Finance department: sun yi.





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