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Ding sheng technology organization to carry out the cadre management ability to improve the special training class.

In order to further improve the management ability of the grassroots cadres, we should build a management team with knowledge of scientific management, strong execution ability and aggressive management. From September 16 to 17, a total of 31 administrative personnel from the junior and senior levels of dingsheng technology went to ningbo transfer enterprise management consulting co., ltd. to carry out the "special training course for cadre management ability".

This training lasts for two days. The content of the course is mainly related to the improvement of the management ability of cadres at the grassroots level. The instructor of this training is Lin ganlin of Taiwan. Mr. Lin graduated from the quality management major of Taipei university of science and technology. He was the general manager of liangguan group, deputy general manager of kodak industry and director of xi quan group. We have tutored party taiji, huaxiang group, chuanhua group and other famous domestic group companies, listed companies and so on. This training seat is arranged in group discussion form, 31 people are divided into five groups, five groups are competing with each other, the group with the highest points can each receive the award from miss Lin. Tas teachers but also creative introduced to protect the eggs of the game, course, teaching assistant teacher to give each an egg, the egg is ready to take in the body, assistant teacher spot check at any time, if midway eggs broken, or stolen by others, will a points to. During the training, the eggs were carefully guarded until the end of the training and only one egg was broken.

The content of the training system, which emphasizes the understanding of the theory, and the combination of practical, enriched the leading cadres at the grass-roots level in the management of knowledge and experience, promote the exchanges and communication between departments, the training of personnel further widened the field of vision, widen the train of thought, promote the understanding and the understanding of management, which laid a foundation for management of ascension.

To attend the training course of researchers said all lectures for own benefit, especially the teaching of "the war of the sheep and the Wolf and ten philosophy" link, many participants have to feel in some detail the deficiencies; In the interpretation of five elements, six goals, teacher Lin of the five elements of man, machine, material, method, ring and six elements of efficiency, quality, cost, delivery, morale, working content has carried on the simple and easy to understand, to training students to scientific management with overall knowledge and understanding of knowledge, you have said after return to suit the actual situation of our company, to make the five elements, six goals of our company form. In "the mission of grassroots cadres in unit, the teacher Lin actively mobilize the interactivity of the participants, the mood the lecture is to mobilize the highest, many people have their own opinions and understanding to share with other colleagues.

Recess, teacher Lin also from time to time to those students to ask questions, students with correct answer gave 100 yuan to 200 yuan of new Taiwan dollar reward, get the new Taiwan dollar reward students happily from ear to ear.

After two days of competition, the fourth group had the highest score, and won the first place in the group, and the fifth group was the first in the group. Two days of training just opened up a new logical way for you to really improve yourself and see what you can do next. The teaching is finished, and we will continue to improve ourselves in our position, and turn our knowledge into work and improve the quality of work.






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