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Zhu jianjun, secretary of the municipal party committee of haining, came to the technical inspection and guidance work.

On 20 August afternoon, haining municipal party committee secretary of the party secretary zhang guiquan jian-jun zhu, changan town, changan town people's government the mayor Jin Xinliang woo yan, chairman of the NPC, changan town, a deputy mayor cheung changan town people's government of 8 people to ding litres of inspection instruction work of science and technology, chairman of the board of directors of the company Gao Erming warm reception and accompanied visited ding litres exhibition hall.

During a visit to ding litres of science and technology exhibition hall, high to zhu dong secretary line demonstrates my company independent research and development of intelligent electrically induced discoloration dimming glass, glass, heat insulation glass, nano self-cleaning glass, etc. Secretary zhu carefully watched the product demonstration, gave the evaluation of ding sheng technology, and fully affirmed the technology research and development capability of ding sheng technology.

In after the symposium, high reporting to the secretary zhu dong ding's overall production and operation of science and technology, product structure, market situation and development planning, etc., and focus on the company in the field of intelligent household, wisdom, glass and so on team building, research and development ability and market development. He said that under the care and guidance of the municipal party committee, the research and development team should be greatly strengthened, based on the whole country, to strengthen the exploration of the service mode of smart home integration scheme.

Secretary zhu said: "through this visit, not only understand the tripod rises the technology research and development strength of science and technology, also learn more about the tripod litre glass technology in smart home and wisdom in advance. It is hoped that dingsheng technology can develop rapidly on the industrialization road of energy-saving and efficient and green environmental protection, and make greater contribution to the construction of our city. In the end, all employees of the company expressed their heartfelt thanks to the leaders of the CPC committee for their visit and support.

No man, no man, no man. Ding sheng technology continuously strengthens the technology research and development, grabs the technical highland, makes the product always full of competitive power. At present, the company's independent research and development of new products has been awarded 24 national patents.

The visit of the party committee leader has strengthened the confidence and determination of ding sheng technology to promote smart home and smart glass.

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