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The company conducts outdoor training activities.

The same piece of iron, which can be cut and melted, can also be made into steel. The same team can do nothing and accomplish great things. To enrich employees amateur life, improve the team cooperation ability, enhance staff team consciousness, exercise the will of employees, founding on July 1, day, ding rise in xiasha Ephraim resort development base of science and technology conducted a one-day outdoor development training activities, on the day of the nearly 30 administrative staff participated in the event. Gao sheng, the general manager of ding sheng technology, also took time to participate in this expansion in his busy schedule.

This activity is centered on the two themes of "challenge myself" and "smelting team", aiming to strengthen the strong will of employees and enhance team cohesion and overall centripetal force. Under the guidance of the coach, the whole staff was divided into three groups, namely, red and yellow and blue, which were compared in the activities such as the solution bracelet, conical circle, high-altitude broken bridge, trust back fall, Da Vinci code, and human CS field war.

Before the expansion began, the coach asked each team to select the team leader, select their team name, design their own team flag, sing their own team song, and start the team building.

In the concentric circle project, all players are required to sit on the back of one person's legs at the same time to complete the "concentric circle", and people extend their hands to celebrate. At the beginning of the first two times, everyone failed, seemingly very simple task, if not through the efforts of all the people in the team, not through the cooperation and cooperation of all people can not be accomplished. Then everyone moves in step to a consistent, full trust, and finally completes the task at the third time.

Then is the most difficult altitude broken bridge project, the project is put up at an altitude of 8 meters off the ground a wooden bridge, and the the middle of the bridge is broken, span more than one meter, requires that all the players up to 8 meters high, from one side across to the other, from the other side of the take back, finally from the middle of the broken falls back to earth. Standing under the bridge, everyone is afraid. Blue team captain jin yanping volunteered the first to climb up, gave everyone a good start. Although everyone is very nervous, but with the encouragement of teammates and coaches, everyone has taken that step on the bridge and completed the project successfully. Perhaps, in front of difficulty is not terrible, terrible is we fear constantly enlarged the degree of difficulty, inner barrier block the pace of the us to solve the difficulties and overcome difficulties of courage. This challenge tells us that as long as we can overcome the fear, the difficulties will be solved. It also tells us how to adjust our attitude in the face of pressure and difficulty, dare to try, challenge ourselves and overcome ourselves.

After a short rest at noon, the sun started afternoon training project, the first project is trust back in the afternoon, the project requires each member standing 1.5 meters high on the stage, hands are tied, and fall straight back from the platform, while the other players stretched out his hands and protect him. In this game, each of us is not only the person who falls back, but also below the "person bed" person. These two roles are different. When you are a backbreaker, you must first do what the coach asks you to do, or you will fall down on the people below. As a person below, the position of the position and the position of the foot should be put in the position of the coach. Trust and trust is a very rare thing, and it's also a great honor. In this project, everyone has done very well, and there is no deserter. The sport seems to be very common, in fact, it verified the interpersonal communication and credibility of soul, only fully believe in yourself, trust your teammates, to free fall.

Followed by the Da Vinci code project, the project in addition to the goalkeeper, after all the players line up in turn ball by starting to flip CARDS, asked to dig out 1, dig out 2 again, and so on until they turn to K, turned the wrong card is in the form of a card to put into and face down. In the first round, the progress of team 3 was very slow. There was no strategy, no communication, and all of them went through. In the last two rounds of the game, some teams began to divide and cooperate, the efficiency significantly improved a lot. In the final round, the coach asked everyone not to speak, and some teams used hand gestures. In this project, the yellow team won the most, huang's zhang ling yan concluded after the match: "at the beginning of our respective government, immediately became a disintegrated. Then we analyzed the reason, let everyone on the team a card, remember your turned back to remind other players, through such efficient assistance, as well as reasonable division of labor, our double speed a lot of CARDS."

The last expansion project is real CS field, the project is divided into four games, is the first three rounds each team took turns to defense, the other two teams in attack, the final round is three team melee, who killed the most people who win. In this game, some teams have successfully taken the enemy positions through effective arrangement and reasonable layout, and the strength of the team is fully reflected in this moment. Some teams were not organized and were surrounded by enemy troops and quickly destroyed by the enemy. With the development of the society, the possibility of completing all tasks by one person is negligible, thus the overall efficiency of the team is extremely important.

With the growth and moving, the outdoor development of the day is completed successfully, although the time is short, but it has benefited a lot. Let us know how to make a good team and how to be a good team member. The development of the day has strengthened our courage and enhanced our sense of teamwork, and let us believe that everyone has great potential and the possibility of creating miracles.


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