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Love each other -- remember the group birthday party from may to July.

Light a candle, make a wish, sing a birthday song, and enjoy a delicious cake in the laughter.

July 22 in the evening, tripod litres of science and technology for may to July for more than 20 employees collective birthday party, held on the evening of chairman of the board of directors of the company Gao Erming in spite of being very busy toglance take time also took part in the birthday party.

With the blessing of "happy birthday" song, our birthday party will kick off. A cake is a symbol of a unity of the collective, one of the shining candles one by the heart, the heart because of the collective and wonderful, the collective because of the heart and proud; Everyone sings the birthday song together to bless the birthday of the birthday party and share the joy. Together they blew out the candles and made a common wish -- the present day and the present.

Birthday party scene is full of sweet and romantic colour, with a happy smile on the day of the birthday cake from the tripod technology recognized the production completed with longevity, people bake cake, cream, although midway failed several times, but everyone perseverance, finally created the perfect birthday cake. The birthday cake, which was made by myself, was opened with laughter.

The employee said that the company's atmosphere is very warm and harmonious, so that people are full of motivation to do the work well. A new employee said: "today I have a memorable birthday and thank the company leaders for their concern. The company's care makes us feel the warmth of the corporate family.

Singing, laughing every piece, all blessings and greetings are already into the "smart" people heart lake, may they acquainted with each other, let the sincere friendship like a mountain stream flowing always in the "smart" family, let the moment sweet smiling face forever.

In this special day, the company has given affirmation and thanks to employees for their hard work for a long time, expressing the company's care for employees. Birthday party passed the company to each employee a loving heart, thick between company and employees built a bridge of love, to stimulate staff's work enthusiasm and as ding up people's emotional resonance, with ding up growth, build ding litres of hard for the sake of a better future!

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