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A happy journey to Vietnam.

In order to improve the staff's enthusiasm and sense of belonging, the company has provided the advanced employees and family members of the group with the benefits of the six-day tour of Vietnam and da nang in 2016.

Vietnam is a socialist country in Asia. Located in the eastern part of southeast Asia south peninsula, northern border with China, guangxi, yunnan, west border with Laos, Cambodia, the land is long and narrow, about 33 square kilometers area, adjacent to the south China sea, the coastline is 3260 kilometers long, with jing as the main body of the nation. Da nang is located in central Vietnam, north and south. On the back of the five mountains, the northeast has the mountain tea peninsula as a barrier, the bay is horseshoe shape, the harbor wide water depth, the situation is dangerous, is the natural good harbor.

Vietnamese food is sour and sweet, not greasy, green vegetables and fruits are various, fresh and refreshing; Coconut water anneal, readily available; "Fish sauce" is an indispensable accompaniment to Vietnamese tables. We all feel that Vietnamese food is too weak, and we feel free to eat fish. We ate a lot of shellfish there, delicious and affordable. There are a lot of cold dishes, and the dishes in the water are lightly seasoned with seasoning, we all eat unaccustomed. The meat is delicious too. The chicken, pork and beef are chewy and not wood. There's a lot of seafood, too. We ate fish, shrimps, crabs, etc. The flavor is not our artificial culture can compare, 15 shrimp have about 1 pound, can you imagine a head? Our breakfast is in the hotel, the variety is more, bread, rice, noodles, eggs, fruit, drinks and so on. My favorite is yoghurt, very rich flavor. The bread is delicious. Coffee is also good, it is morning drink not habit, have not drunk. There is also famous beef river meal, not very good. The guide said it was not authentic.

Our hotel in town, is a pity that is not in the stream near the beach, but the edge of the hotel is close to the ocean, want to play water can meet, if you want to swim, you not, I am a landlubber, no swimming. We played at the beach for a while and picked up some seashells. The villagers didn't see the sea. Ha ha... Hotel facilities are good, 4 star can be achieved. There are few people around the hotel, very quiet, easy to take a vacation. My favorite is the swimming pool outside the hotel, the water is blue, and it is not as cloudy as the sea. We played in it for a while.

This time Vietnam - da nang, what impresses me most is the beautiful creek beach, blue sky, blue water, sea sky one color, especially charming. We were there in the afternoon, and there were many people on the beach, swimming, playing with sand, playing with water, and relaxing under the bower. Sand is very thin on the ground, stepped on very soft, there is wave and it's hard on the ground, a wave from step down, you will feel at the foot of the sand informed about cable away, your feet have a footprint, waves up, your feet were buried. We also went to see the night scenery of the hoi an ancient town, similar to the side of the town, people are super, we separate go later, we go to the night market stall, a lot of things, as this way also has a lot of are made in yiwu, prove that China is very influential in southeast Asia.

On the last day in Vietnam, we walked three stores, including local specialties, latex and precious stones. The local specialty shops are not as big as China. They sell coffee, dried fish, cashews and so on. Each of us bought a little, a trip abroad to buy some special products, sharing friends and relatives can. Go to the factory shop of latex, good is very good, be more expensive, the pillow is about 600 yuan, to us those who work is more expensive. The same is true of the gem shop, the feeling process is not mature, the cutting surface has scratches, not perfect.

Although the temperature is very high in Vietnam, it rains a little bit every day and it doesn't feel that hot. I think we're lucky we're not caught. The surface temperature drops very quickly without the sun, and the last day is a rainy day. It's going to be so hot, we're all out at 11 o 'clock at the airport, and we're standing on the parking ground, and we feel like we're going to melt. The disadvantages of big cities, China's green is not enough.

I am very satisfied with this trip. I have never been to a friend to visit.

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