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Our company with intelligent dimming film products in Turkey and Poland trade fair, is warmly welcomed.

June 1-3, and on June 6-8, sponsored by the hangzhou city people's government, hangzhou commerce commission to undertake in China in 2017, Turkey, Poland) trade fair will be held in Istanbul and Warsaw, respectively, with intelligent dimmer membrane products exhibition from our company the two exposition, from overseas during the show.

Poland and Turkey, is an important transportation hub in Europe, central and eastern Europe "portal", one is the geographical and cultural cohesion of Eurasia bridge, belong to one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Advancing along with the development of "area", the two countries growing in geographic and economic status, our company develop overseas market also ushered in the big opportunity, participating in the two countries, also contributed to the intelligent dimming membrane products my company in the international market share. These two exhibitions will now have some influence in the region. Among them, the polish exhibition has obtained the international UFI certification and is one of the world's top quality trade fairs. The Turkish exhibition has also become an important trading platform for Chinese and Turkish enterprises.

During the exhibition in these two countries, our company showed the dimming film and the dimming glass products, which made the overseas people fresh and fresh, and also attracted a large number of visitors to stop and visit. My company's exhibitors demonstrated the magic effect of dimming glass, which gave many visitors thumbs up.

Through this exhibition, we have raised the popularity of our company's overseas market, and accumulated some information about the customers' resources for the future development of our company. The company is also very good at seizing and taking advantage of this opportunity to show the new image to overseas customers in all directions, which is recognized by overseas markets and has received good results.

After years of deep ploughing, the exhibition platform has significant effect. Through the exhibition, our company "wine and incense spread thousands of miles", is held to the buyer and consumers to know, recognition. Our company's intelligent dimming film, nano-self-cleaning glass, electrochromic glass and other competitive products are warmly welcomed by customers both at home and abroad, and our company is releasing a strong "gravitational wave".








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