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Dingsheng technology carries out "the most beautiful craftsman" activity.

In order to enhance the staff's business skills, strengthen the work of continuity, raise awareness, ding litres of technology was held on the afternoon of May 12, "pursuit the best craftsmen" activities, since 2016 file to do the most beautiful of the department. Invited the judges have on the day the two financial controller 丁咏梅 of science and technology, science and technology board secretary Ma Huigong, ding litres production director of science and technology should lock bridge, ding technology trade union chairman Shen Jie tsao c., wang qiang, chairman of the trade unions, women's federations chairman.

Produced by the department of the judges look at each file, after more than an hour of careful appraisal, the judges discretion of file production situation of each department, published appraisal results on the spot, announced the score ranking. Finally, ding sheng science and technology department won the first place with 8.58 points; Dingsheng technology finance department and purchasing department came in second place with 7.8 points. Ding sheng technology administration division won the third place with 6.8 points.

after review, the group company general manager, ding technology director Ding yongmei pointed out that the tripod litres of science and technology file comparison work very well, in the previous file comparison, it found that some of the problems have been timely rectification and improvement of file made to improve the overall quality of material. In addition, the judges exchanged some details on the evaluation process, and made Suggestions on how to rectify and improve the feasibility.

Finally, I entered the award ceremony. Ding yongmei, general manager of the group and the director of ding sheng technology, presented the prize to the first comprehensive department, and the prize was to keep the teapot. The chairman of dingsheng technology union, shen jie, presented the award to the second finance department and purchasing department, and the prize was the eye-protection lamp. Wang qiang, the chairman of the group's trade union, presented the award to the third administrative department, with the prize being a thermos cup.

It has played a very active role in standardizing the business process, improving the business level, and improving the systematization and standardization of volume production.

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