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Dingsheng science and technology holds the culinary arts competition.

In order to enrich the employees' leisure life, the culture atmosphere of the company is active, while enhancing the cohesion between the company's team, showing the elegant style of the team, and strengthening the communication with the brothers. Ding litres of science and technology on April 7 in changan town seven pavilions full cooking parade at the farm, at the same time group co., LTD., curtain wall companies and Qiao Tong trade in March and April birthday staff also invited to participate in this activity.

The activity atmosphere is very enthusiastic, everybody after intense work, enjoy a relaxed mood. Saute Fried, cook delicious dishes, POTS and pans, play the harmonious movement. There are three groups of chefs, most of them men's cooks, and women help to wash dishes. They know how to cook at home, and they have a high level of cooking. As the players took turns, they heard the clanging of a spoon and the impact of the pan. Pour oil, add seasoning, stir fry, the flavour of the dish is diffuse, the crowd that draws a crowd is drooling. After a while, there was a faint smell of coke in the aroma. It was a man who accidentally burned the fire when he was frying peanuts. He smiled apologetically: "it's not a good cook."

Besides cooking parade, and lists the barbecue, show the different methods of barbecue and skill, time, smoke fills the air, delicious fragrance, people eat with their hands baking all kinds of food, talking he encountered in the work and life of all kinds of fun, happy, laughter as plumes of smoke in the air. While enjoying the delicious food, we can enjoy the beauty of the seven li pavilion farm, and truly achieve harmony and unity between man and nature.

By noon, the competition was over, and everyone was sitting around eating, talking, laughing, commenting on which dish was delicious, the scene was lively, and the food was more lively. The chef of the day Li Genyu and Gu De said: "the company held in cooking competition, is to give us a communication platform, let everybody in scrabble, enhance friendship, promote the harmonious, feeling really very good."

Group company general manager Ding yongmei, ding, general manager of science and technology promotion in spite of being very busy toglance take time also took part in this activity, butyl himself for some birthday candles on the birthday girl, always with everyone sang the birthday song, at the same time at the birthday girl's birthday wishes, accompanied by the song of blessing, the birthday girl together blow out the birthday candles, made a birthday wish.

Dingsheng technology has not only relieved the employees' daily work pressure, relaxed the mood, displayed the staff's cooking skills, and enhanced the communication among employees of various departments. Let us devote ourselves to the future work with higher enthusiasm. This activity is not only a culinary contest to exchange and exchange, but also a big family gathering of fragrant and emotional communication, which makes the hearts of each other closer together through cooking and cooking.

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