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Future homes: smart, environmentally friendly and open design.

What should the future house look like? Intelligent, environmentally friendly, and open design? From a new house in Holland, we may be able to see the shape of the house in the future. Designed by UNStudio, the house is designed to be remotely controlled, energy-efficient, and adaptable to family changes.

"It's flexible," said Ben Van Berkel, the founder of UNStudio, to the website "there are no columns in the design of the house. If the client wants to change the living room into the bedroom, or the office environment, all can be realized."

The electronic devices in the house are controlled by a smartphone. "On your phone, you can do everything with energy," Van Berkel said. "it's something everyone dreams of. Before you enter the room, you've already warmed it up through your cell phone. You can control the light, or make a cup of tea. Through a touch screen in the house, residents can control all systems, including solar panels and central heat pumps.

Remote control is no new wonder. Many smart home products can be implemented. However, Van Berkel argues that the concept of "intelligence" cannot be limited to wireless networking devices.

"We've talked about how to go beyond the current concept of intelligence," he said. "it shouldn't be just an iot device. More importantly, you want to incorporate it into the structure of the room. The building materials are intelligent. Energy, structure and insulation should be smart.

The intelligence of the so-called material refers to the interaction of various elements in the house, rather than the exponential connection. In addition, the house is very energy-efficient. "The energy used in the house can be reused," Van Berkel said. "so the energy consumption of this house is almost zero."

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