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How to choose dimming glass, the guide is all here?

1、Look at the manufacturer

At present, most of the processing factories in China have no more than three years of processing history, and few engineering cases, quality and reputation need time to be verified, and it is more prudent to purchase. Buy the famous brand or well-known manufacturer to produce the dimmer glass product, can choose the regular professional glass manufacturer. Instead of trading companies like trading companies or middlemen, you can avoid potential risks and enjoy good quality and after-sales service.

2、Look at the technical parameters

Good quality dimming glass is excellent in light transmittance, clear and transparent, beautiful and transparent when the power is off. It can protect privacy very well. Simple test method: the palm is placed on the back of the glass, and when the power is off, the palm of the back can be seen from the front. Although it can be seen with its fuzzy back shadow, it must not see the fingerprint of the palm. Or you can put an object in a positive glass 3cm, and the light is balanced on both sides and not one side of the back light. The better quality of the light glass transmittance should be around 75%.

3、Quality of dimming film

The quality of the dimming film is one of the most important factors in determining the quality of finished glass. Therefore, when purchasing dimming glass, the quality of the dimming film should be screened.

4、See engineering cases

The purchase performance is stable, the after-sale service has the guarantee to adjust the light glass product, the most important still depends on the manufacturer's related application engineering case. We are choosing a manufacturer, not only depends on the manufacturer of the actual project cases, dimming glass to look at the best manufacturer real photos of actual installation site, rather than through computer late PS renderings. Therefore, before purchasing the dimming glass, we can ask the manufacturer to provide several well-known works and real photos for reference.

5、Look at the production equipment

Autoclave for dimming glass generally use PVB film, the main advantage is high transparency, bonding strength is big, but the use of PVB must be at a temperature of 135 degrees to meet the requirements of transparent and bonding strength, and ageing temperature of the liquid crystal film only 120 degrees. Therefore, made of autoclave dimming glass edge contraction in commonly 6-10 mm, so wide bright edge, do need the partition of flat-fell seam, will form the 10-20 mm between two pieces of glass transparent area, electric control, flat-fell seam glass joining together the effect is very poor. At the same time, the shrinkage rate of PVB film in the process of production and processing of autoclave is the main shortcoming of reducing the performance and life of the dimmer glass. Domestic individual manufacturer to improve the efficiency of production, production, using high-temperature autoclave to appear dimmer glass products in use process whole yellow glass, liquid crystal film transparent and opaque cannot normal transformation, the phenomenon of liquid crystal film is gradually shrinking. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt the dimming glass made by vacuum forming method with high temperature and high pressure, which has the advantages of relatively stable product performance and long service life.


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