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A piece of "glass" leverages half the entertainment circle.

Dimming glass only glass industry know at the beginning, then slowly be decoration, decoration, furniture and other industries to understand and apply, in particular are affected by railway, aviation departments, institutions, hotels, and other special places. In recent years, through film and television works, dimming glass has become more and more popular in the public view, and the form is more abundant.

If you are a Hollywood superfan, you should often see scenes like this in Hollywood movies: people walk indoors and the glass behind them becomes frosted and milky. When people leave, glass automatically becomes transparent, such as the early Schwarzenegger movies and the wolverine series, the x-men series... It can be said that the Hollywood production of the automatic electronic control dimming technology has long been used as the preferred material for enhancing the film effect and high-tech sense. Along with the popularization of the dimming glass, in recent years, domestic films and TV dramas have also appeared frequently in the form of dimming glass, and the application scene is also very diversified.


The TV series "Mr. Love"

Such as the time of tencent hit drama "love Mr", is in the office on the door of the intelligent dimming glass, look from the vision, the whole office space to get extension, to avoid the congestion and mad, more concise and easy. In addition, the electrically controlled atomization state of the dimming glass can maintain a certain privacy, which can be converted according to the need when it needs to be quiet or foreign guests visit. Make the use of dimming glass become more lifelike, popular and professional;

 The movie "death party."

In the domestic film "the party of death," dimming glass used as the partition of the interrogation room, in the movie, dimming the use frequency of the glass is also appear most frequently in recent years, the longest time.


▲"Death party" movie clips

TV drama "cold war"

In 2012, the movie "cold war", in which he went back to his office, and with a remote control, all of the transparent glass suddenly atomized, separated from the outside space; In the film "secondary exposure", fan bingbing comes home, her boyfriend is in the shower, and fan bingbing presses the switch on the wall before she leaves, and the glass is transparent. There is also a lot of display of the glass products in "the full battle of heroes".

A clip from the movie "cold war".

 "we were young that year"

Small male god Zheng Kai last year involved in film and television play "we were young that year", the film hotel to do with the room bathroom partition with glass, Ryan press the switch on the wall, mist instantly transparent glass, so as to make the room of take in everything in a glance.


▲The TV "we were young that year" segment.


Refresh and the first two years of the han "she's very pretty, is adopted in the actor's office dimming glass partition, when need quiet work intently, easily press the remote control key can be instantly converted into spray pattern.

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