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A glass box, but amazing world!

Located on a hilltop in atherton, USA, the villa has to be entered through the winding ridgeway avenue, which has an excellent natural landscape. The whole house is made of glass and concrete, and the minimalist and poetic creative design is reminiscent of mies's "Less is More". Designed by the famous architect Stanley Saitowitz.

The whole design shows the designer Stanley Saitowitz for building the context of strong control ability, he is a "return to nature" as the soul of designers, especially attaches great importance to the spirit of freedom in the architectural design.

From the point of structure, the second is made up of two "L" type box fault fold, and thus formed a multiple cantilever box on the space, landscape, building, courtyard between the balance of the 3 d, built the taste of JianYi again at the same time, the complex building constitutes a game wrong folding into a box.

From the perspective of the history of architectural design, we always linger between rationality and sensibility, while making choices between complexity and simplicity. Sometimes, we must balance between the two, to improve the function of architecture and aesthetic satisfaction of humanity and soul.

Here, Stanley Saitowitz chooses to add vertical lines to the facade as a simple decoration, while adding a large amount of clear concrete walls to balance the instability of the glass.

The transparent and reflective properties of the glass, the forest is introduced into the facade of the house, creating a high degree of natural harmony, to the return to the natural state.

In another direction, this is a very modern concrete house, and Stanley Saitowitz's design reflects the multifaceted nature of the building. The large drifting canopy seems to be a poetic sculpture that gives design more spirituality, freedom and art.

A modern and pure architectural design, not for modeling, but for a more natural life, this is also the life style that modern city people pursue.

By throwing away the encumbrance, we will gradually find out more, and the soul will be truly comforted.

Through large floor-to-ceiling Windows, we will find a more beautiful world outdoors. Real life, start from scratch. We have to admit that it is the highest design state in the world today.

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