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The women's federation of the company carried out the international women's day "care for the environment, women help, the west lake to pick up garbage" public welfare activities.

On March 8, 2017, ushered in the annual international working women's day, in our general care and women's federation chairman shu miss China, under the organization of our line of 20 several people to participate in the activities of the 38 women's days, very meaningful - "good care environment, women's help, I detailed introduce for everybody below our activity this time.

Today is what is the weather, the weather is good, we a line of people at 8:30 in the morning and in the guard, together considering the low carbon and green travel, we the traffic way is to take the subway, after about 40 minutes, we arrived at the beautiful west lake. Collection has been completed, all along the west lake, enjoy the view of the west lake is still a bit chilly early spring, cleaning out the litter it see cigarette butts, etc., to present a more beautiful hangzhou packed with tourists, more beautiful west lake.

Everyone wants to contribute their own strength to this green campaign, and the serious lens of action makes the sisters all moved.

Everyone is very active, proud of the far-reaching activities, the west lake's spring breeze spread all over the face!

After some hard work, people are "very successful". Although it's a little bit of a cigarette butt, it's a praiseworthy thing to get rid of the garbage that is harmful to our environment and to our health. Some visitors appreciate our behavior very much. Some of them will come up to help or ask for help.

The activity ended and everyone gathered for a group photo. What remains in the hand is a picture, but it is the sense of responsibility that can be left in the heart. As an enterprise, it has the responsibility of giving back and building. As a citizen's sense of responsibility to the environment.

Under the general leadership of ding, we successfully concluded this green and low-carbon activity under the organization of shu hua-mei, which not only brought a fresh and fresh spirit to the west lake, but also improved the spirit.

After the low carbon activity, the sisters went to grandmother's house for lunch. Delicious food can not be failed, everyone is full, while filling the stomach, while contacting the feelings, the atmosphere is very harmonious. Everybody, thanks for the general hospitality and thank you very much, she let us each member in the family felt the warmth, deeply realized a kind of feelings, a copy of the new era gives us the responsibility of women.

In this family, we will always strive to do the present job, meet the challenges of the future, and move forward with the extended family, and usher in a better tomorrow for the enterprise and the city!

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