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When I woke up, the Windows were frozen.

A sudden snow has brought us a lot of surprises, but it has brought disaster to the car friends!


Snow day is coming! The car was in the open air, and it froze... Do you have the same problem? The hot car hasn't changed in a few minutes. What's the point?

What if the window and windscreen are frozen?

The first thing to do is to heat the car, and then shovel the snow on the body and the glass, and it's almost as hot as the engine. Then enter the car, turn on the warm wind, set the windshield glass mode, open the rear windshield to heat, and after a few minutes, the ice will melt.

How to prevent it: using raw Onions on your Windows and windshield the night before the frost, this strange trick will keep your car away from frost and frost. Another way to avoid freezing is to cover the windshield with a rubber bath mat.

How does the rear-view mirror freeze?

If your car have auto rearview mirror heating function, this problem is easily solved, if not have, so we have to prepare a bottle of water, water on the rear view mirror, the ice melted quickly, then wipe with dry cloth, is not preparing a abandoned CARDS, scraping down a direction, don't too hard.

How to prevent: can use plastic bag to cover in the mirror before the night comes, use a rubber band or clip is fixed. When you remove the bag the next morning, you will find no frost on the mirror.

What about the wipers?

When you find that the rain is frozen, don't try to break it or use hot water. Otherwise, the wipers will deform and the glass will crack easily. The correct method is to turn on the air conditioner after the hot car, adjust the wind direction to the position of the windscreen, and then defrost in a few minutes.

How to prevent: use a soft cloth to rub with the rubbing alcohol, wipe the wiper. Alcohol prevents the windshield wipers from freezing on the glass, so even in the coldest weather of the year, it definitely works.

What if the door lock is frozen?

In this case, the best way to do this is to use a blow dryer at the lock core to blow hot air, which can be opened in a short time. Or use a lighter to heat your car keys, then gently insert the hot key into the keyhole, and the keyhole ice will melt when heated.

What if the door is frozen?

The door is frozen, this situation is not very easy to solve, at this time can only use hot water to water the icing, but when the door open, the water will be wiped clean immediately, otherwise the door will be more thick ice.

What about the handbrake?

When there is no obstacle in the front and back, put it in a gear or reverse gear and try to move it back and forth. If the effect is not good, you can also use the jacks to separate the rear wheels of the vehicle and kick the back wheel with your foot.

What about the tires?

Don't try hard to freeze the tires. Shovel the ice with a shovel. Be careful not to damage the tires. After the use of the above hand brake, hang in a gear or reverse gear, gently step on the accelerator or the idle speed to try to move the vehicle. If there is still no drama or the extreme situation in the picture, there is nothing to be done, but to wait for the ice to melt...

What if the glass water is frozen?

If the glass water has been filled, the glass water is frozen. At this time must stop the water spraying operation, otherwise will damage the water jet motor.

If the sunshine is good, can drive to the sun at noon time, open the front cover in the sun, as long as the glass of water is frozen not much will melt over a period of time, if this method does not work, you can add some warm water in a glass of water tank, after waiting for glass hydration open to put dry the glass of water in the kettle, as soon as possible so as not to be frozen again.

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