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Adjust the glass partition, create an open and open study.

The design case that wants to recommend today, be such a set of house: the sitting room is single face daylighting, the back relies on a study. The owner hopes to be transformed by the stylist, make the sitting room becomes more bright, the study can satisfy the demand that occasionally has guest to live in the home.

Then, based on the requirement of owner, we hit off the partition of the study and sitting room, into the dimming glass partition wall + half half open form, greatly promoted the daylighting of the sitting room, let whole home appear larger. At the same time also does not affect the privacy of the study, curtain a pull is guest room.

▲ The owner of the house is a couple of doctors and couples who have high requirements for storage. The next bedroom of the sitting room is changed to set bedroom, study, store content is an integral multifunctional room. The original kitchen is changed into cloakroom, the kitchen moves to the place of dining-room, add bar.

▲ On the left side of the living room is an l-shaped floating window. The wall of the TV is very short. Therefore, the side of the window is lengthened and widened as a TV cabinet, so as to form a whole with the floating window, and make the space more malleable and large. The television background wall is the effect of TV set.

This multi-purpose room is the main function of the study. There are so many books in the home, behind the desk is actually a small storage room, which is basically a book. The door plank is the love grid that imitates cement board, choose this style mainly still to do a low-key echo with Bauhaus's desk. Opposite is the dry area of toilet.

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