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Coring zhijie new product "magic jie" highlights the annual meeting of tesla.

On December 17, 2016, 2016, zhejiang tesla drives to the annual meeting of the British feit building held in hangzhou, ling zhi jie as sponsors, with brand new products under the "magic jie" nano liquid flooding water easy clean huo exhibition of this annual meeting.

During the exhibition, our booth attracted the interest of many car friends, and became the focus of the exhibition. Before the booth, people come to consult and purchase, and the staff of our company has always communicated with the consultant with full enthusiasm and earnest attitude. One of the old man is the head of an English training school, looked at me when he passed by my company booth company publicity posters, came over excited said: "over the years, each time I wash the car is water damage, when the car wash, but always wipe clean window glass, no matter how, always have the trace of water damage. In the rainy days, the rearview mirror is always full of rain, can not see the road condition after the car. I think the company should be the glass product that does not touch water, searched on the Internet a few years ago, but did not find. I didn't expect to see such a product here at last. It's such a long time. I must buy some back and use it." Seeing the old man's enthusiasm, we sent him a set of koji zhijie products to try out.

A lot of people have this experience, glass or mirror used for a long time will produce water stains or stains. This is because there is no protective coating on the glass surface, so there will be mottled marks. Using the "magic jie" nanometer liquid flooding water easy clean huo, glass surface flooding water film formation, no water leaching on the glass surface, also won't come loose for a beach, it condenses into water droplets, around no water damage. "Magic jie" nanometer liquid flooding water easy clean huo nanoparticles materials: flooding water, isopropyl alcohol, and other polymer composition, in the invisible waterproof membrane is formed on the glass, like a lotus leaf, raindrop drops can't attached on glass, under the certain Angle and speed, the rain fall off automatically, without water mark.

During the exhibition, we heard a lot of customers saying, "I don't know there is such a good product if I don't come to this annual meeting." In this way, the effect of this exhibition is quite obvious to us. Through this exhibition, we have found many potential customers and gained more attention and popularity.

Through the exhibition we saw your product quality, price advantages and broad market, however, we also have to admit that, due to our "ke ling zhi jie" brand is still in its infancy, still need to develop more products and improve the existing products. In the future development, we will take positive measures to reduce the cost of production and seek the advantage of price without reducing the original quality, so as to stay invincible in the competition. In the process of future development, we should not only establish the domestic market, but also actively explore overseas markets and expand our development space, so that our products can reach thousands of households.

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