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The 2017 graduates of wenzhou university come to the tripod.

On the morning of November 9, 2016, more than 50 students from the department of materials science and engineering of the school of chemistry and materials engineering of wenzhou university came to ding sheng technology to visit and study. Li zhaoji, assistant chairman of the board of directors, wei lijie, deputy director of research and development department, and lv jinyun, deputy director of production of dingsheng company, warmly received the teachers and students from wenzhou university and accompanied them on the tour.

At 9 o 'clock in the morning, the students came to the dingsheng company to visit the company on time. Considering the short time and large number of students, the company could arrange more comprehensive internship contents as far as possible. Wei lijie, deputy director of research and development department, made the company and industry development report to the students and Shared their experiences with them on future career development. Then the students watched brillant enterprise group corporate videos and ling zhi jie new product propaganda video, Wei Lijie also introduced the exhibition hall to them functions and features of various products of the company. Students are excited to see that they can be transparent and touch their writing on the glass.

After visiting the business exhibition hall, the students came to the glass production workshop to visit trainee, ding litres Lv Jinyun, associate director of the company's production for students has carried on the deep processing of glass product introduction, production process, etc.

During the visit, carefully observe each working procedure, the students to ask questions, don't know where they work for their future job and planning for the questions, the company to arrange related personnel to do the detailed solutions for them one by one, also very welcome and willing to provide all ambitious graduates development platform and space, encouraging them to make career planning, from basic level, dare to bear hardships, the good job and working attitude, realize win-win situation of itself and the enterprise. In addition, the students also have the experience in the production site operation, more intuitive, more comprehensive knowledge of glass doors and Windows and deep processing glass. Through these learning practices, the students' new horizons have been greatly broadened. Many new graduates in the field have expressed their strong desire to apply for our company. I hope to work in our company and give full play to my knowledge. After the probation, the students took a group photo in front of the pot fountains rose company, they will make this a moment become eternal memory, although it said goodbye, but "good group" has retained in their deep heart.

Since 2010, the company has established a school-enterprise cooperation relationship with wenzhou university. Every year, the company has actively organized and arranged internship activities for university students in wenzhou university. Receiving college students and graduates has become an integral part of the technology talent strategy of ding sheng. The leadership of the company attaches importance to the cooperation of industry-university-research, and it is a good thing for both the enterprise and the college students to give students the internship and job opportunities. College students are active in thinking and innovative in ideas. Although some ideas are not very maneuverable, they are very enlightening to the company's divergent innovation. At the same time, they are expected to deeply feel the working atmosphere of ding sheng technology, attract them to participate in the ding sheng technology family after graduation, and inject fresh energy into the future development of ding sheng technology.

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