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Scientific and technological innovation promotes enterprise vitality.

The phrase "science and technology as the first productive force" fully illustrates the importance of science and technology to a country, a nation, and a business. Hu jintao once said that "science and technology is an important support for the development of the national economy. Scientific and technological innovation is the key to enhancing economic competitiveness." China's leaders are so focused on technological innovation that the importance of technological innovation is visible.

Our life is related to the innovation of science and technology around us, the birth of high-speed railway, the convenience of communication between people, because of the innovation of science and technology, the amount of coal needed to generate the same amount of electricity is reduced. Because technological innovation USES energy to avoid the depletion of non-renewable resources; Because science and technology innovation tiangong-1 was sent into space; Chang 'e-2, the scientific and technological innovation, landed on the moon; Because of technological innovation we did not go out to know the world; Because of technological innovation, we have a better, more comfortable and more convenient life.

Because of technological innovation, enterprises have become more competitive. On March 8, 2016, we launched the initiative of ding sheng, which called on all employees to carry out scientific and technological innovation activities to facilitate the transformation and development of enterprises. During the activity, the staff put forward a lot of rationalization proposals for each process flow, rational use of gas and electricity. Which proposed by comrade Qian Haiyue of comprehensive utilization of the air compressor gas transformation "project, proposed by comrade MoJianGong" edge grinding workshop lighting renovation project ", the company comprehensive review, included in the annual plans and implementation of science and technology innovation. The above-mentioned two comrades have made remarkable achievements in the actual production and operation of the renovation project.

To encourage the staff to actively into the science and technology innovation activity, September 22 at the production early before a stage summary of the activities, and recognize the excellence award winner Qian Haiyue comrade, honorable mention winners MoJianHong comrade. While congratulating the above two comrades, we do not represent the termination of the company's innovation activities, and the activities will continue.

Employees, for the long-term healthy development of our enterprise, we are actively engaged in scientific and technological innovation activities.


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