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We're together -- remember the fall employee group birthday party.

September is the harvest season; In the early autumn of September, there is less summer heat, and the crisp autumn day. The September sun, not as dazzling as the summer, but more a shallow warmth. On September 18, more than 30 employees of June, July, August and September held a meaningful celebration of garbage collection activities and birthday parties.

On the morning of September 18, everyone in the tripod set up science and technology, to rise the science and technology administration department manager shen ding led down to the qiantang river, it was the lunar August 18, the qiantang river tide, biggest visitors from all over the country gathered in the beautiful qiantang river, appreciate the tide of qiantang river is famous for its spectacular world. Due to the influx of the crowd, the river also has a lot of garbage. Just as everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the spring tide, a group of ding sheng volunteers in red waistcoats appeared on the river. They cooperate with each other, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired, in the unknown to pick up the garbage, peel and so on. The group of volunteers, dressed in red vests, attracted the attention of the crowd. They praised the volunteers, and some of them gave our volunteers thumbs up. At the event, everyone was enthusiastic and sweaty, but with a smile on his face.

Volunteers from salt salt to pick up all the way to the old warehouse, and then from the old salt storehouse back to salt, to the more than 10 km, through half a day's hard work, this has dramatically changed the environment of qiantang bore the shore. At the end of the activity, the group picked up their hands full of garbage bags, their faces filled with joy, the heart filled with a sense of achievement. Volunteers said, this kind of activity is the practice of group development concept of environmental protection, both the significance of environmental protection, can relax and exercise again, but also strengthened our understanding, strengthen the team cohesion, but more is the desire of the volunteers infected more people to protect the environment, low carbon life.

Afternoon in the evening, the volunteers to pick up the garbage back to the dinner party scene, the tripod rises the colleagues have been preparing dinner of science and technology, the tripod with two handles science and technology administration department manager Shen Jie, ding litres technology sales wang qiang is responsible for cooking, as the smoke from the chimney, fragrance are also, chicken, pork ribs, braise in soy sauce meat and so on more than 20 were soon on the table, fresh ingredients become attractive color, smell nice.

Gao sheng, the general manager of dingsheng technology, also arrived at the birthday party to bless the birthday party. Gao always lighted candles for the birthday party and sang "birthday song" with everyone. Accompanied by the song of blessing, the birthday party blew out the birthday candles and made a wish for the birthday. Then gao will personally deliver pieces of cake to the birthday party's hands and give them a birthday wish.

The birthday party is filled with warm and romantic colors and a cheerful smile. The birthday stars sit around and enjoy the delicious food and talk happily.

In this special day, the company has given affirmation and thanks to employees for their hard work for a long time, expressing the group's concern for employees. Birthday party passed the company to each employee a loving heart, thick between company and employees built a bridge of love, to stimulate staff's work enthusiasm and as ding up people's emotional resonance, with ding up growth, build ding litres of hard for the sake of a better future!

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