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Ding sheng technology was invited to participate in the 12th China hotel industry design and decoration reform conference.

On August 17, the 12th China hotel industry design and decoration reform conference hosted by the China hotel association was successfully held in Shanghai greenfield marriott hotel. Ding sheng new material technology co., LTD. Was invited to participate in the conference and participated in the exhibition.

China's hotel industry conference on design and renovation is a hotel investors, planning designers, builders and operators, managers, equipment, facilities and decorative materials suppliers face-to-face zero distance communication platform, covering the whole industry chain of the hotel, from the source of power energy efficient development of the industrialization of the hotel. This conference attracted hotel catering enterprises of chairman of the board of directors and senior managers, hotel owners and developers, hotel management companies, construction and designer, Internet application, food research and development experts, high-quality suppliers, including more than 2000 delegates.

Tripod rises as a sponsor to be invited to attend the conference, ding litres of science and technology shows the family soul light (dimming glass) series of products, make a lot of hotel design world famous designers at home and abroad, and many attend hotel owners find everything new and fresh, but also attracted a large number of visitors to visit. Ding sheng science and technology staff, demonstrated the magic effect of the dimming glass, received the unanimous praise of the visitors.

Before ding litres of the booth of science and technology, and constantly around the dealers are consulting related products and cooperation, aiming at the questions of customers, ding litres of science and technology workers a pair of product performance indicators, construction process, price and so on has made the detailed answer. To co-operate with all dealers, the staff also feel all dealers on the degree of concern ding litres of dimming glass science and technology and the importance, many dealers and ding litres of science and technology exchange contact information, for the company product information, hope to learn more about the products, to achieve further cooperation intention with our company.

Through this exhibition, ding sheng technology has collected huge information resources of merchants, and won high praise from more participants and purchasers, laying the foundation for further domestic market.

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