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Haining female entrepreneur association a line to the ding sheng technology visit exchange.

On June 25 in the afternoon, haining NiJiGong, chairman of the all-china women's federation, haining women entrepreneurs association Ma Yuejuan, haining women entrepreneurs association secretary-general YuXiaoGong, haining high-tech zone administrative committee executive and zhang guiquan, vice director of the women entrepreneurs association members line of more than 30 people to ding litres of science and technology exchanges. Ding sheng technology general manager gao sheng, ding sheng technology finance director ding yongmei accompanied the visit.

City leaders and female entrepreneurs are visited the two litres company showrooms and litres of company research and development center, ding litres, general manager of science and technology promotion to guests introduced the tripod rises in all kinds of innovation of science and technology achievements, to the guests.

At the site of the exchange activities, ding yongmei, director of technology finance of dingl technology, thanked the women entrepreneurs for their future development. "the development of the tripod science and technology development is inseparable from the care and support of leaders at all levels, and the help of the company's colleagues and friends from all walks of life. Today, the leaders of the city and the women entrepreneurs association came to the ding sheng technology exchange, which is the biggest concern and support for ding sheng technology. Ding sheng people must be grateful to do their work, live up to everyone's expectations.

After that, ding yongmei, chief financial officer of dingsheng technology co., LTD., Shared the growth of the enterprise with female entrepreneurs, the hard work and harvest of the company for more than 20 years, the industrial layout of the company, the thinking, positioning and culture of enterprise innovation and development. His sincere and emotional narration aroused the audience's sympathy. Female entrepreneurs have given full recognition to our company from small to large, industrial level from low to high, development and core competitiveness. They said that ding litres, adhere to independent innovation of science and technology development of the concept of the typical demonstration significance, they will increase the tripod technology experience back, combines the actual conditions of their own enterprise development, strive to create new results.

haining female entrepreneurs association was founded in June 2003, is registered by the civil affairs bureau of haining, with corporate legal person status of the women entrepreneurs organizations, the competent unit is haining women's federation, currently has 70 members, members from different companies, offer the haining industry outstanding women in senior management personnel, excellent female business operators and outstanding business female leaders.

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