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What is the effect of the thickness of the insulating glass interval?

Hollow glass is a very important content, reasonable allocation because of have a certain influence on its performance, reasonable configuration of hollow glass thickness of hollow glass interval and reasonable, can maximum limit reduce energy by radiation in the form of transfer, thereby reducing energy loss.

Convection is caused by the temperature difference between the two sides of the glass, causing the air to fall on the cold side and rising on the hot side, causing the convection of the air and causing the loss of energy.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

1. The sealing of glass and surrounding frame system is poor, causing the gas in the window frame and inside to be directly exchanged to produce convection, resulting in loss of energy.

2, the internal space of the hollow glass structure design is unreasonable, resulting in the effect of temperature difference of the inside of the hollow glass gas to produce convection, drive the energy exchange, resulting in a loss of energy.

3. The internal and external temperature difference of the Windows that make up the whole system is relatively large, which makes the temperature difference between inside and outside of the insulating glass larger, and the air is used by cold radiation and heat conduction.

First, convection is generated on both sides of the insulating glass, and then passing through the hollow glass as a whole to form the loss of energy. Reasonable hollow glass design can reduce the convection of gas, thereby reducing the convection loss of energy.

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