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Dingsheng technology holds the second technology competition.

In order to better improve the production skills and quality specifications, and improve the operation skills of employees, ding sheng technology held the second technical contest on November 27, 2017. Ding technology promotion, ding, general manager of litres of science and technology, finance director 丁咏梅, ding technology board secretary Ma Huigong, ding litres production director of science and technology should lock bridge, group co., LTD. Trade union chairman wang qiang, the two litres of science and technology trade union chairman Shen Jie, assistant general manager of the science and technology Jin Yanping, ding litres of science and technology department manager ling-yan zhang and other executives and middle management cadres as judges.

This activity is in line with the principle of "foothold official duty, all-round development", a total of four groups of project, through the fierce competition, the final QuGuangFei won first prize, MoJianHong scribing won first prize, edge grinding Yu Shuangquan won first prize, hollow steel group of line two won the first prize. The tournament technology activity is not only the company broad worker a thought, style, technology exchange, is the company's technical workers spirit, technical level and will quality of intensive review, is to guide and deepen company broad worker training, post up, job dedication of general mobilization.

This activity has received the strong support from the trade union, administration, procurement and finance department, and has received the active response and enthusiastic participation of the staff. More than 30 participating employees have made the best interpretation for us. The tournament technology to further enhance the front-line workers sense of responsibility and sense of mission, set up a challenge for the skills competition for the worker, post up the stage of the platform, talented, motivated by the broad worker learn enthusiasm of practice skills, drilling technology, business, and emerged a large number of skilled, a fine style of post technical experts, create a good atmosphere of "everyone rushed, showed the spirit of good staff team.

The award ceremony was held at the end of the competition, and the general manager of ding sheng, gao sheng, made a summary speech at the award ceremony. He first congratulated the winners and confirmed the success of the competition. At the same time, he hope that the broad masses of workers to the games as an opportunity to sum up experience, find the shortage, constantly strengthen learning, innovation and competition ability, in the whole company to form ", to learn, drive, help, "working environment, through the tireless efforts of everyone on the skill level, professional knowledge and pursuit, the quality of our products will be improved, the company's core competitiveness will be more and more strong, ding technology will be more brilliant tomorrow.

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