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Engineering glass

  • Flat & Curved Tempered Glass

    Flat/ curved tempered glass is a kind of bending glass, which is shaped by computer, and rapid uniform cooling. All characteristics are as the same as heat strengthened glass and t..
  • Ultra White Low-e Glass

    low-e glass also called low emission reflective glass, coated with many layers metal or other compounds on the surtace of the glass It has excellent thermal insulation effect and g..
  • Laminated glass

    Laminated Glass is a kind of security compound glass, which is made by sealing two or more sheets of glass together with film(PVB/EVA/SGP)interlayer through the process of heating ..
  • Low-e Insulated Glass

    绝热中空玻璃是将两片或多片玻璃经隔条隔开并用密封胶密封。中间空气层具有节能、隔音、安全及防结霜的优点。夏天,能够阻止热量进入室内;冬天,能够阻上室内的热量损失。 Heat insu..

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