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Low-e Insulated Glass

  1. Performance
  2. Application

Heat insulating hollow glass is made by two or more pieces of glass divided by a spacer and sealed with a sealant, the middle air layer is energy saving, soundproofing, safety and anti-frost It can prevent heat coming into the room in summer, and prevent indoor heat loss in winter.

  • Features:Energy saving, insulation noise, no dew.

  • Product specs:

    Max:2240mm x 3500mm

    Min:300mm x 300mm


Hollow glass can be used in a variety of specifications of high quality glass glass to make such as LOW E glass, coated glass, tinted glass, super white glass, silk screen glass, laminated, tempered glass, decorative glass, etc., can also be filled with an inert gas such as argon and krypton, the better performance of insulating glass. On the other hand, it not only USES the usual aluminum alloy bars, but also the American original Super Spacer separator to increase the performance of insulating glass, which greatly meets the needs of users in the cold region. Aluminum bar width is usually 6A,9A,12A,15A, and other quantities can be customized.


It is widely used in curtain wall, partition, window etc.

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