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Laminated glass

  1. Performance
  2. Application

Laminated Glass is a kind of security compound glass, which is made by sealing two or more sheets of glass together with film(PVB/EVA/SGP)interlayer through the process of heating and pressurization. The shape of the glass can be 9 layers. Silk Laminated Glass is one kind of laminated glass. the difference is that Silklaminated Glass has extra layer of silk between two layer of PVB Films


● Laminated glass has good safety. Because of the adhesion of plastic lining in the center, when glass is broken, the debris will not scatter, only produce radial crack, safe and harmless, so it is widely used in automobile windshield.

● The impact strength of laminated glass is much higher than that of ordinary glass.

● Laminated glass also has a unique anti-theft effect, which is safer because it is not easily broken into.


Product specifications:



Color: transparent, green, blue, red, pink, gray, milky white, etc.

Product use:Curtain wall, partition, high-speed rail.

Subway, car, airplane, display case,
The glass floor and so on. 


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