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Ultra White Low-e Glass

  1. Performance
  2. Application

low-e glass also called low emission reflective glass, coated with many layers metal or other compounds on the surtace of the glass It has excellent thermal insulation effect and good transparency compared. Ultra white low-e glass is heat insulation with colorful coating due to this coating


Low-e glass has a good effect of blocking thermal radiation. The surface emissivity of ordinary glass is around 084, and the surface emissivity of low-e glass is below 025. The thickness of less than one percent human hair low radiation membrane layer of high reflectivity of infrared thermal radiation, can to reflect more than 80% of far infrared radiation, glass and clear float glass, absorption of far infrared reflectance only at around 12%.

Good optical performance. Low-e glass has a high transmittance of visible light in the sunlight, which can reach over 80%, while the reflection ratio is very Low, which makes the optical performance greatly improved compared with the traditional coated glass. Viewed from the outside, the appearance is more transparent and clear, which guarantees the good lighting of the building and avoids the phenomenon of light pollution and creates a softer and more comfortable light environment.

Schematic diagram



It is applied to arc shape building, subway, high-speed railway, airplane, lighting ceiling, shower room, etc.

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