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Pre-sale and pre-sale service commitment.

1, quotation process, the salesman had an obligation to enable customers to fully understand and understand the product model, performance, use circumstance, safety precautions, etc., to ensure that the client before the contract is signed to make the right choice. After signing the contract, we will strictly abide by the quotation and contract stipulations, and provide the quality products consistent with the model in the contract in time. If the customer makes a change agreement before delivery, it will give positive communication and cooperation to meet the reasonable requirements of the customer.

2. All products will be sent to the address agreed with the customer according to the contract.

Service commitment

· The company receives the complaint information, will contact with the customer within 24 hours, and puts forward the processing opinion.

· The customer contacted with the customer service personnel of our company, and after the analysis and approval of the relevant department, within 48 hours in jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai; Within 72 hours of jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai, our after-sales service personnel arrived at the scene.

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