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Logistics solutions

Under the hard work of the sales team, business volume has increased rapidly, the domestic business scope also extended to other provinces from hangjiahu area, at the same time, international business has been a positive development, business has been involved in international markets are in the Middle East, southeast Asia, the americas, Europe and other places. With such a wide range of sales market, logistics capacity has been challenged. Therefore, different logistics solutions have been developed for different sales markets.

Short distance domestic market

For short domestic market, type A or L frame is generally used to load products, because the road is short, the shelves are easy to recycle, and the overall cost is low. At the same time, we use wooden mat and pearl cotton for the protection of products, so that the effective protective products are affected by external forces, so as to avoid mechanical damage.

Long distance domestic market

The long distance domestic market is not easy to recover from the shelves, while considering the safety in transit, wooden cases are generally used for packing, and the protection of products in the box is equal to the protection of products in short distance domestic market.

The international market

Due to the international market of carriage of goods by road and far container, severe turbulence in the process of shipping the whole logistics link put forward higher request, from our product protection, product packaging and overall protection of the goods in the container has made strict protective regulations.

All products are packed in wooden cases regardless of size, and strict protection is made between products and products. All the wooden cases are strengthened in the inner container of the container. All efforts are made to ensure that our products do not have any problems in the logistics process, and ensure that our products reach the customers' hands safely.

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